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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 18, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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looks like everybody's in the rec hall on the floor. i got no sign of aiden. got one gsw in need of extraction. five targets. two at the northeast entrance. one on the stage. two more each at the south doors. east and west entrances are wired with ieds. hey, when i stand up, hit the deck. pass it on. (whispering): hey, hey, when i stand up, hit the deck, pass it on. young woman (whispers): when she stands up, hit the deck. pass it on. (overlapping whispering as cadets pass message) (sniffs) callen, let me know when you and deeks are at the rec hall.
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i'm gonna distract the guards and when i do, everyone in here will be on the floor. copy that. where's the girl? holed up in a bathroom with kensi's hk. any sign of tahir? yeah, we got him. nell: he's coming for you, sam, with two other gunmen. this is about to get real, real fast, folks. good, i'm tired of waiting. "g"? we're good. kens? let's do it. i'll take the guy on the stage. (moans, sniffles) (coughs) (groans) (muffled cough) sit! i'm s... oh, s... i'm sorry, i just... seriously, i... get down! please, i just need the bathroom. oh, my god. stop! (kensi coughing) sit! (coughing)
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(cadets screaming) you brought company, hanna! yeah! that's the sound of them killing your friends. kens! kensi, down! (kensi grunting) you good? oh, yeah, i'm great. that's my girl. get them out of here. i'm going back for sam. done. you guys, move. double doors. guys, let's go, you heard him. let's go, guys. come on, up, up, up! (distant gunfire) sounds like your guys are getting their asses kicked. shut up! you find aiden? not yet. hurry. sam: all right, all right, all right! i'm coming out! i'm coming out!
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i'm coming out! tahir... this is between me and you. let my son and the others go. i... make the rules now. drop it, tahir!
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it's over, tahir. where's my son? i imagine he is dead by now... ...but i'm sure he'll be waiting for you in hell. (both grunting) callen: kensi, deeks, any sign of aiden? no, but the react team is here. they're sweeping in now to take care of tahir's men. none of the guys we took out was the one who grabbed me. oh, hold on a second, he took aiden's tablet. i bet he still has it. it's in a classroom. room 138, west of the gym's main entrance. (footsteps approaching) tahir? (gunfire, man grunts) you alone? yeah. is my dad okay? will be after he sees you.
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if you're done hanging around. yeah. hetty, we got everyone out safely. thank god. (blows thudding, men grunting over monitor speakers) and the team? yeah, they're good. what's that i'm hearing? (men grunting, blows thudding) i think that's personal. (both grunting) okay. (yells) dad? (tahir yells, groans in pain) react team soldier: you okay here? it's good, i got this. we're okay. (both grunting)
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(gasps) get this one out of here, guys. dad. (sighs) you okay? yeah. you? of course. thanks for helping me. i wanted it to be fair. i knew you would take him. you guys okay? callen: we're good. yeah. looking good rocking the hk, porter.
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oh, yeah, i'm gonna go ahead and just real gently take that back from you. okay. good work on not... killing anyone. aiden: porter, this is my dad. she helped me out a lot. not really. nice job, porter. thank you, sir. i'd like to get back to my fellow cadets, if that's possible, sir. yeah, no, absolutely, we'll go find them. glad you're both okay. well, i mean, now this... this would make a great family portrait. hanna boys kicking ass and taking names. don't encourage him. (chuckles) you know... yeah? you can never, ever, ever tell your mother about this part. speaking of which, you need to call michelle. he's right. here, call your mom. right. whoa. she's gonna want to hear from him way more than she wants to hear from me. aiden: yeah. sam: trust me. let's get you patched up. i don't like driving around with my partner looking all banged up. makes people think i don't take care of you.
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(laughs) you guys are funny. it's not funny. it's sarcasm. you know, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit according to... oscar wilde. that's right. mm-hmm. i don't think oscar wilde would have saved your life. (groans) come on. kensi: hey. deeks: how's the lieutenant? just fine, other than the fact that she's about to get a bullet removed from her thigh. it's nothing an anchor tattoo can't hide. i'm sorry, what? on the account that she's in the navy. you know, get a big ol' anchor tattoo, just like popeye has on his forearm. can you imagine seeing that when the pants come off? (in gruff voice): ahoy, matey! you mind if i drop me anchor? oh, my gosh, let me know when you're finished, please. i'm done. i'm so exhausted; i haven't slept. uh... what's wrong with you? you all right? i don't know, i just think i have something in my eye. i think it's just that pretty little birthmark of yours. thank you, but why don't you just... see if you can see something? is there something there? i don't see anything. no... i don't see anything. oh, wow. i appreciate your stealthy operational skills,
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special agent blye, but you should know you've got a... (clears throat) you got a little bat in the cave. what? you've got... what? oh, my gosh, deeks, what? that's... that's the... that's the honesty of love. that's how much i love you, is that i tell you that, listen, we're having a special moment, but you should know you've got a sweet, little boogie in your nose hole. what, you think your friends are gonna say something? no, they're just gonna stare at you, not say a word, so you walk around the mall with a big... what? oh! ew! aah! no! deeks: ah, backfire. oh! kensi: i think i got it. ah...! tahir is on his way to the district courthouse in san francisco. they're gonna keep him in atwater for the time being. good. this could have gone bad. yeah. but it didn't. i'll see you at the hospital. g... thank you.
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this is what we do, brother. hi. do you need us for anything else? no. you're welcome to join us. it's 6:30 in the morning. well, you can pour it on your fruit loops. the hell he can. hmm, i think we'll take a pass. well, i'd congratulate you on a job well done, except it looks like you've already been celebrating. hmm? oh, for god sakes, you've got lipstick on your cheek. oh, um... th-- oh, t-this is, um, this is jam.
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i was eating a jam sandwich. he loves jam. organic cherry preserves... nell: right. ...with a toasted, um... like a whole wheat, was... really delicious. very jammy. very-very... all right, mm-hmm, well... upstairs-- i mean, there's no food in ops, but there... (nell clears throat) ...there was just a moment we were eating, just a quick... nell: well... (clears throat) yeah, all right, good-good-good-bye. good day. nell: good-bye. (chuckles) good-bye. 'cause... okay. (phone ringing) you want to answer that? uh... not really. what about you? (phone continues ringing) granger: hell, no. captioning sponsored by cbs and the newly redesigned volkswagen passat
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live from the cbs3 broadcast center until. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. newly released surveillance video shows the moment a
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university of pennsylvania police officer was shot stopping a deadly rampage in west philadelphia. i'm natasha brown, thank you for joining us and staying up late. officer edward miller survived friday's attack as did a firefighter philadelphia police officer also shot. a 25-year-old woman killed. joe holden has new information about this case, and officer miller's condition. >> reporter: there's calls over police radio not soon to be forgotten. a gun battle on west philly streets, sylvia young had already been fired upon 18 times. she radioed frantically for help. >> help me, please. >> reporter: the suspected gunman, man named nicholas glen now moving eastbound on sansom firing at random according to investigators. shooting couple inside their car, and a security guard and
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patron inside this bar. in this video, captured by a camera outside a barbershop, we see the moment university of pennsylvania officer edward miller is shot, hit in the hip and leg. miller gets back on his feet. his service weapon still appearing to be holstered. 40 seconds later, officers taking heavy fire, window of the car at the right bottom of your screen is shot out. people living on sansom ducked for cover. >> there was ten shots and four more. >> reporter: police say nicholas glen was angry with his police officer and police. he wrote about it in a rambling note found at the scene. it was apparently entitled, doomed people. back to the surveillance video. this is the point officers closed in on glen. you can see a wounded officer miller off the right side of your screen. police with weapons drawn move to an alleyway off camera.
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detectives say glenn continued to engage police, shot multiple times and died at the scene. >> reporter: an innocent bystander is killed in this allegedly shot while sitting in car. as far as sergeant young is concerned, we're told she could be discharged from the hospital at any time. as far as a motive, the question why? police continue to search for clues as to what nicholas glenn was up to friday night. outside penn press by, hospital. this time, no one was hurt. this was last night. officers say they noticed a 19-year-old man smoking marijuana on south street. shortly before midnight. police say the man took off. allegedly firing three shots at officers as he ran away. the officers did not return fire. police were able to arrest the suspect and did recover the gun. an hours later, four people were shot in the port richmond
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section of philadelphia. police say shots rang out about 3:00 this morning outside of a bar in the 3,000 block of castor avenue. one of the victims was shot ten times in the back, he's listed as critical. the other three victims are expected to be ok. one driver is dead following an accident in the juniata park section of philadelphia. police say the driver smashed into this utility pole after being hit by another speeding car. the driver was rushed to the hospital and later died. the other driver stayed at the scene. police say they do not think alcohol played a factor in this crash. the father of the man who allegedly stabbed nine people at a central minnesota mall identified him as a 22-year-old college student. ahmed adon says police told him his son dier died at cross roads center mall saturday. the fbi confirms investigators are viewing this as a terrorist
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attack and haven't publicly identified the attacker. isis has claimed responsibility. . surveillance video shows the explosion that rocked a manhattan neighborhood last night injuring 29. correspond brook has more. >> reporter: surveillance obtained by nbc captures the moment, a pressure cooker bomb police believe injured 29 at the chelsea area of manhattan. a second pressure cooker found four blocks away and destroyed sunday >> was it a political motivation? personal? what was it? we do not know that yet. >> reporter: andrew cuomo noted at a morning press conference that no terrorist group had claimed responsibility. >> at this time there's no evidence of an international terrorism connection with this incident. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell cbs news both the bombs that went off were
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designed to you don't say cell phones as triggers but they can't say if they're linked. >> you felt it two blocks away. >> reporter: the nypd is on heightened alert and 1,000 state police and national guard are being deployed while hundreds of international dignitaries arrive in new york. cbs3 "eyewitness news." officials meantime aren't saying if the jersey shore is anyway connected to the bomb blast in new york. it blew up in a trash can in seaside park shortly before thousands of runners were set to participate in a charity 5k. no one was injured. investigators also won't say if the blast was terror related. all the beaches in the area have since reopened. terrorism will certainly take center stage in the presidential race after the attacks this weekend. hillary clinton returns to philadelphia tomorrow. she'll deliver a speech at noon at temple university.
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both candidates are stumping in battle ground states right now as they prepare for their first presidential debate next monday. the presidential campaigns reacted sunday to the weakened attacks in new jersey, new york, and minnesota. donald trump's running mate spoke in florida. >> prayer and vigilance. >> hillary clinton said quote, i'm americans will choose resolve over fears, they will meet with world leaders at the united nations general assembly. stadium plans to go to battle ground state as his dogged by questions about his sudden shift about president obama birth place >> president barack obama was born in the united states period. >> on "face the nation," his campaign manager tried moving past the controversy >> donald trump advocated something five years that was a lie. why did he do that?
11:52 pm
. >> you're going to have ask him. this is a side show that the media seem obsess wanted i. >> with clinton slipping, president obama rallied black voters saturday during a fiery speech before the congressional black caucus foundation. >> i will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if this community let's down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election >> there are now just 50 days until election day. of course, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage on air and online at switching gears to weather, you might need your umbrella when you head back to work in the morning, it's going to be stormy start to the week. lauren casey is in the cbs3 weather center to tell us when the storms and all this rain will arrive. we need the rain. right, lauren >> we definitely need the rain. you can see that in our statistics, rainfall deficit
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since january first nearing five inches at this point. our last measure rainfall september 1st, stormscan 3 showing us an unfamiliar scene right now, showers and a few thunderstorms working themselves through the lehigh valley and into the poconos over last couple hour, we've moved from kind of more widespread light rainfall to more discrete cells of heavier rainfall. these trailing kind of north to northeast and we are seeing training with the rain areas moving over the same place again and again. that is going to be a trend as we head into tonight 10 through the day tomorrow with the very slow moving cold front. so periods of rainfall with imbedded thunderstorms, that cold front will take its time and really not traverse until we head into tuesday morning. we are going to be enhanced by tropical moisture from julia. it's now low off the carolina coast but it is provide moisture and really ramp up the moisture levels for this rainfall to feed off of. we are going to see periods of
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heavy rainfall. totals could vary across the region depending upon who's going to see the heaviest, picking up anywhere from a half inch to two inches and even more so locally through this event. we'll talk more about the timing when we'll see the heaviest rainfall and which commute will be impacted the most in your full forecast coming up in a few. we also know what caused the death of the 33 foot whale that washed ashore in sea aisle city. they believe the humpback whale died due to human interaction. the whale sustained an injury after becoming entangled in a fishing line. as a result, the whale was not eating, which officials believe led to its death, he was buried on the beach where it washed ashore >> it is amazing no one was killed when a sky diving plane crashed into a home outside of phoenix. four sky divers and the pilot were able to bail out and parachute to safety before the
11:55 pm
plane slammed into the home. a couple in the house escaped but their home is a total loss at this point. investigators are trying to determine exactly what caused the crash. stay with us, still to come a local war hero is celebrated aboard the battleship new jersey. see the honor he was certainly not expecting coming up. an up close look at the history of america's pave time. baseball played like it was back in the 1800s. we're going to take you out to the
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. on this still developing story again, that's the breaking news, five people in custody in connection with yesterday's bombing in manhattan. also tonight, a huge honor for a local war hero, "eyewitness news" aboard the battleship new jersey in camden. family and friends today surprised 99-year-old world war ii veteran ralph gum better on his birthday. he was honored with a gun salute. his family was not expecting this surprise. >> he thought he was coming on a tour. one of my cousins was previously a tour guide here. he thought that was going to be him seeing the ship and when he came around, we were all here and surprise. he had no idea >> during world war ii, served. and now he has a granddaughter serving as well phillies fans give back at citizens bank park. today was the shop rite food
11:59 pm
drive and block party outside of the ballpark. they received a buy one get one free ticket in today's game against marlins, phillies sue on wheels was there with a turtle in toe and the philly fanatic was there. baseball it is a transition that began as we know almost 200 years ago but the rules changed over the decades. anita o take us to a vintage baseball tournament where the history of the game is a hit with players and fans alike. >> reporter: they're the sights and sounds you know. from game end grained into the fabric of american history. these men from 15 teams across the country play by a different handbook. they play by the rulings of 1864, not the ones of modern day baseball. pitch is under hand and players don't wear gloves >> try to catch it like this because if you get your fingers bent in, where you will get messed up fingers. i have plenty of those.
12:00 am
>> reporter: justin beemer of the keystone baseball club of harrisburg competed in a vintage baseball tournament at the navy yard over the blood. >> we're based actually teams that existed in the 1860's. >> reporter: ryan burrly said he co founded it >> it takes you back to the time when it was just about the game. >> unlike baseball today, we play for the fun. the commradere, the exercise. >> reporter: that's exactly what drew bruce foster of the colorado territory yell all-stars to start playing in denver back in 1993 >> i love the game and the history of the game and the history of the country and this hobby combines it all. >> reporter: the rules may have changed, the love of the sport is the same. at the navy yard, anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news."
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runners in philadelphia race for a great cause. the 39th annual cancer research rock and roll half marathon took place this morning. this year's course took runners by familiar sights like city hall, the love sculpture. boathouse row and the schuylkill river. the race began and ended in eakin's oval and fans cheered on all the runners. it was a lovely day for a run. right, lauren? >> pretty lovely day for a run. >> having a little bit of an issue with the weather. we're going to get this going. technology got to love it. there we go. always like when it cooperates, getting a live look at center city philadelphia right now. quiet conditions but that won't be the trend as we head into about the next 24, 36 hours. temperatures very mild with all of that moisture that is entered our atmosphere. 77 degrees. south winds continuing to pump
12:02 am
in that moisture. winds around nine miles per hour. feeling more like 79 degrees. temperatures across the region extremely warm at this hour, 75 degrees in, ac, hanging ton upper 60s in the poconos, 76 in wilmington, that's because our due points which tell us about that sticky factor are elevated, our air temperature cannot fall below this due point temperature, so when they're up there in the 70's, you know it's going to be a warm overnight period. and tonight, we are going to go drop down to 73. showers and thunderstorms, as we head into the day tomorrow, it's past midnight, so that is not cooperating. 79 degrees, periods of heavy rain and thunderstorm activity as well. stormscan 3 showing us the trend. you see this outbreak of showers and a few imbedded thunderstorm as well but you notice leading edge of the line here. it's not really moving. showers and thunderstorms forming along the same axis over the last couple hours, due to the slow moving nature of this cold front.
12:03 am
we're going to see showers and thunderstorms moving in. lingering once they start going. stormscan 3 showing us right now dealing with heavy rainfall starting to move into mount pocono after already receiving a dose of light to moderate rainfall and as we head into the overnight. we'll continue to see these cells firing up on the western edge there berks county couple of downpours moving through. we already have picked up some measurable rainfall in some areas. again this transition because it's past midnight, it's not givings those totals but we have seen about a quart to an inch some locations with the a shower and imbedded thunderstorm activity even in just the last couple hours. for tomorrow areas of rain, some of her at times, 9:00 in the morning, heading into lunchtime, rain and thunderstorm activity. even into the evening commute we'll still see showers around philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. i think the make most commutes will be our morning commute. do plan extra time. temperatures held back tomorrow with the rainfall and cloud cover in the middle 70's through much of the day. future weather showing us as
12:04 am
when he did throughout the overnight period, much of this rain will be concentrated in the same area. west of the i95 corridor. that precipitation breaking out along the i95 corridor. doesn't that look fun 8:00 in the morning? lingering this area of shower or thunderstorm activity until lunch hour starting to spread eastbound into the afternoon. it will linger because of the slow moving cold front. evening hours few showers lingering, mainly down the shore, we could still see few showers around the coast as when he did into tomorrow night and early tuesday morning before clearing out completely and giving us dry conditions as we led into mid week. check out this is just one of our rainfall projections. it could pick up one to two inches of rainfall with locally heavier amounts do watch out for ponding on the roadways. we'll touch on tropical storm carl. it is likely to strengthen to hurricane. at this time, model projections
12:05 am
are causing the system to take a bend. it's no the major concern right now but something to keep an eye on as we head into next week and start of next weekend but it's going to be a soggy go but we need the rainfall. rain again on i95 corridor most likely time morning and early afternoon hours before we dry things out for the official start to fall thursday. beautiful sunshine 83. comfortable. got to like that. >> perfect. just in time. thank you. lesley got sports highlights >> we have another late aiming collapse for the phillies. how excited is carson we pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors.


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